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Was that in good taste? Generally if you have to ask, it isn’t. That’s the premise of my new podcast that’s officially launching today! Me and my co-host Chandler Phillips sit every other week, crack jokes and talk politics/humor/food/music and alcohol! Was That In Good Taste? Probably not. Show Notes: Bit.ly/WasTHATInGoodtaste Itunes - Spotify -Google... Continue Reading →

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When Ya Here Ya Family

This weeks episode of Was That In Good Taste is a lighthearted and fun conversation about food. The Blog Post is a little more serious but I hope you like it. Give the Podcast a listen on the links down below. Food as an important place in my life, every memory that I have that... Continue Reading →

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The Hurt You Give

Trust is something that isn't given easily. For most people it takes time and confidence that the person that you are trusting has earned it. Opening yourself up to the possibility of hurt isn't an easy thing to do. Unfortunately for just about anyone who has ever met me, I’ve abused their trust in me.... Continue Reading →

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When Ya Here, Ya Family

While this week is the official release of the Was That In Good Taste podcast, Chandler myself I recorded a few episodes and this is his write-up of the second one that we’ve ever done. Please give it a read and a listen.

And remember, if you have to ask “Was That In Good Taste?”

It isn’t.


This week we’re talking comfort foods and discomfort foods. Stephen Beary and I discuss the foods that give us a sense of security, nostalgia, and catharsis and the memories of past meals that are firmly tied to certain foods and flavors. To accompany our conversation, Stephen made himself a basic whiskey and ginger beer cocktail, while I went out on a limb and made my own variation of a California Root Beer (a cocktail consisting out Galliano liqueur, Kaluah, bourbon and ginger beer) as an alcoholic homage to my favorite soft drink. But we couldn’t just talk about the foods that make us feel good without talking about our discomfort foods. For me that not only means foods, flavors, and textures I dislike, but also create a sense of dissonance or anxiety. 

Through the episode, Stephen recalls vivid memories of shared meals with friends and family and how those certain…

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Addiction isn’t a joke

Addiction is not a joke. Almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them receive treatment. The conversation about addiction and our world today is convoluted and confusing. At least here in America, we spend more time talking about the people using John's and less time focusing on why these... Continue Reading →

The Joker Made You Do It

I wouldn't begin to pretend to understand the placer media has in this world.  this week's episode of Was That In Good taste, my co-host Chandler and I talked about the effect of media in today's social environment. While we wouldn't even begin to pretend that we're educated on the subject, we do have a... Continue Reading →

Slave Play

Despite the incendiary comments from our president, Ice raids and the murdering of innocent minorities; Race, Sex and gender are no longer taboo in pop culture. This is what makes Jeremy Harris's Slave Play an interesting take on these very well worn topics. Young, Gay, Yale educated and (of course black), Jeremy Harris has a... Continue Reading →

Why do White People Like Wu Tang?

This Post here is from my Co-host Chandler Phillips.

Listen to the Episode Wyte Ppl & Wu-Tang IN the links below

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Bit.ly/GivingUpGoogle <—- GooglePlay

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Music by- Conversing with Oceans


In our first beta test episode of the original podcast “Was That In Good Taste” starring Steven Beary and myself, we pose the question, “why, of all hip-hop artists and groups, does the Wu Tang Clan seem to appeal to a disproportionate amount of white suburban kids like myself?”

Though we managed to cover a lot of topics during our discussion ranging from cheesy morning radio host impersonations, Bernie Sanders, various Wu Tang projects and hip-hop movements, I felt like there was more to say on the subject. This is a reflection on our discussion about why white people like Wu Tang so much so I can provide a more comprehensive explanation of how I came to appreciate hip-hop and the Wu Tang Clan, and speculate why I think the Wu Tang Clan had such broad appeal. 

First, because I’m only one kind of white people, I can only speak…

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The Story Of 911

Just like last year, I don’t feel like writing anything about 911. I did record an episode of The Art Of Giving Up though. I’m pretty proud of it, it was fun to record. So please give it a listen through the links below and I’ll see you next week! Listen/Subscribe to The Art Of... Continue Reading →

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